Monday, July 4, 2011

Petit Pan

I have written about this shop before, it still is one of my favourites in Paris. I like the colourful fabrics, the cute childrens clothes and pretty decor. They have several shops in Paris, these pictures where taken in rue Francois Miron, they have two shops there, one with home decoration, clothes and toys and the other one is a mercerie where you can buy fabrics, ribbons, buttons and more cuteness.

76 rue Francois Miron

39 rue Francois Miron (mercerie)


Karen. said...

bedankt voor je tips! Ik heb ze allemaal genoteerd.. nu nog hopen ze te vinden :)

L'atelier Azimuté said...

Funny, I just wrote about them too ! I've never been to their real shop, I'm looking forward to go to Paris!

joke said...

staat naast Serendipity op mijn lijstje voor als ik naar Parijs ga. Erg leuk

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Vivienne said...

My husband is going to Paris for business in the new year...maybe I can convince him to pack me in his case so that I can visit all these lovely places you mention on your blog! x

The Kid said...

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