Monday, March 1, 2010


This shop is heaven, a Japanese bookstore in the middle of Paris. Here you can find all the japanese sewing and crafts books you want ( and afford) and they have also a great selection of magazines, stickers and stamp-making kits.
*** Thanks Simone for letting me use your pictures***


And So I Whisper said...

Love your new blog. I go to Paris for the children's wear shows twice a year and always like to visit new shops like these. In New York for Japanese stuff I go to Kinokuniya... looks a lot like this one :-)

Erin Wallace said...

I Love your site - found it via kaylovesvintage (congrats on that!). I will be following and look forward to more as I am a Francophile who can't get enough of The City of Lights.

moncherry said...

I soooooo want to go there!!!

veerle said...

Hoi, ik volg je blogs al een tijdje en geniet er echt van ! Heb je ook een goed adresje om te logeren in Parijs ?

teri said...

i am so glad to have discovered this blog. we will be going to paris in may and i am going to be studying up on these boutiques you've introduced me to. thank you so very much, erika!!!

Lia said...

I love jap books :) good thing we have a big kinokuniya in jakarta :)