Monday, February 22, 2010

La Droguerie

An other magical place in Paris ( for those who like textile crafts) la Droguerie, a shop filled with perfect wools, lots of pots full with beads, ribbons, applique and so much more. The shop is located at nr. 9 and 11 rue du Jour very near Les Halles. The shop is quite small and filled with plenty and is very popular and sometimes very busy . If you like a more open space but don't want to miss out on all these goodies you can visit la Droguerie in le Bon Marche at the top floor. If you are at le Bon Marche don't forget to go to the books department in the soutterain where they have a nice craft/sewing book collection.
* thanks again to Sonia who took these lovely pictures


Michaja said...

oh hier had ik zo graag nar toe gewild de laatste keer dat ik in Paris was. Maar op zaterdag was ik he vergeten en op zondag was hij helaas dicht. In Marseille hebben ze er ook een weliswaar een stuk kleiner maar heel binnenkort ga ik daar misschien heen!

Anonymous said...

Heerlijk shoppen in Paris terwijl ik niet eens door de regen daar heen moet :-) leuk hoor, ik ga je volgend.

moncherry said...

Oh, what a lovely boutiques you posted on your blog so far. I might go to Paris this summer. Better not tell my boyfriend that we now have an additional list of things to see.... ;)
Greetings from Melbourne

TweeMeisjes said...

I think you've put La Droguerie in the wrong section. It's in the 1st Arondissement, isn't it?
Still, thanks for all the lovely tips

Elodie said...

Oh I love La droguerie! Cutest place ever, and really cool blog as well :)